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PR, content and social

PR, content and social

Memorable brands are those with great stories to tell. Let us craft your story.

Our award winning approach to PR, content and social is helping brands reach their audiences, nurturing existing customers and discovering new ones alike.

Audience insight builds the foundations upon which our expert writers prepare your message. Our PR and content amplification guys do the rest.

Public relations

There is no one-size fits all when it comes to PR. Our focus at Fox Agency is to understand your business goals and develop an ongoing campaign centred around them.

Creative storytelling comes next. We continuously speak to the media to understand their interests and requirements and work with our clients to tease out stories that will resonate.

It is our team of talented writers that capture the essence of a story. They help our clients receive quality coverage and readership amongst the audiences that matter to them most.  And if required, our experienced media buyers can help give campaigns that extra push too.

Here are just some of our PR clients:


Good storytelling goes further than PR alone. We craft thought-provoking content for use in various media, be it blogs, whitepapers, email campaigns, or more.

Context is what matters most with content and our strategies are always based on audience insight. When you know the stories your audience wants to consume, you begin to create value rather than content alone.

And thanks to our integrated approach, visualising stories is another area we excel in. Our studio team can develop eye-pleasing infographics and engaging videos to truly inspire your audience.

Here are just some of our content clients:

Social media

Your audience is on social media. No matter how niche, no matter how small, social media offers brands a way to reach potential customers, be it through organic social content or targeted social advertising. We’re yet to discover a brand where social isn’t an option.

This is because over two billion people are on social media in one form or another. Beyond Facebook and Twitter, there are niche networks of B2B audiences that will help you get your message across, as well as develop insight into the conversations of your audiences.

Our social media campaigns have led to six and seven figure sum business leads for our clients, so talk to us about developing some winning strategies for your organisation.

Here are just some of our social media clients:

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