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Working mums: The importance of health initiatives in the workplace

Posted by: Ashlee Drake on 20 May 2016

Employers who have been promoting work life balance have increasingly been viewing it within the broader prism of wellbeing. Health and wellbeing policies link physical and mental health. Here Nelson McConnell, director of Fox Agency, talks about how his agency has changed its culture and fitness trainer Danny Sroda discusses the focus on importance of health and fitness at work.

Eighteen months ago, we at Fox Agency, decided to do something about our health. No, not the health of our cash flow, or client satisfaction, but our actual health.

I’m sure many businesses are similar to us, back then. With plates full of cakes rather than fruit, too many bags of 2-for-1 supermarket cookies and a chocolate digestive with every cup of tea. The idea of a lunchtime run would have been scoffed at.

We made a decision to change the culture. Without forcing it, we offered personal training sessions to the full team (and even freelancers working for us) every Wednesday.

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