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We are Fox. A people-friendly, integrated marketing agency for the B2B world.

Our experience, in sectors from automotive to financial services tells us that functional benefits, facts and cold, hard ROI are a big deal in business decision-making. That’s the real world we live in. But then again, we’ve never seen a spreadsheet pick up the phone, make a sales enquiry or chat to a customer – the people factor is still important. So our approach is all about relating to normal human beings and addressing their needs in business: Providing good information, in the right formats and places, to enable rational choices; while also being interesting, exciting, entertaining, helpful and reassuring – pushing the emotional buttons.


Grounded in digital, we have a breadth of expertise that enables us to bring all of the strands of your marketing and communications together. So your brand story fits with your search strategy, which runs beside your channel activity, promotional plans and activation, and everything feeds into stronger customer relationships. We do this by combining technology, data, creativity and nous. Specifically, we offer: insight and brand strategy; PR; online, content and search; integrated campaigns; advertising and activation; experiential, exhibitions and events. Find out more about what we actually do for clients.

Fox People

With Fox, business revolves around great people.

With Fox, business revolves around great people. We are all experts in our own area – coding, brand strategy, social or whatever. But we come together to solve problems, make things happen and create some amazing stuff. And, we actively promote the idea of client involvement – the more we get out on the table, the better it is for everyone.

  • Ben Fox
    Ben Fox
    Client Services Director
  • Al Fox
    Al Fox
    Director of HR
  • Nelson McConnell
    Nelson McConnell
    Strategic & Creative Director
  • Darragh Woods
    Darragh Woods
    Director of Web & Online
  • John Hebden
    John Hebden
    Business Development Manager
  • Paul Hetherington
    Paul Hetherington
    Technical Lead - UX/UI Developer
  • Lisa McGauley
    Lisa McGauley
    Head of PR
  • David Clare
    David Clare
    Head of Content
  • Sam Brewin
    Sam Brewin
    Content Strategist
  • Tom Gill
    Tom Gill
    Senior SEO/PPC Executive
  • Alice Gilbert
    Alice Gilbert
    Account Director
  • Natalie Milne
    Natalie Milne
    Account Director
  • Hannah Syers
    Hannah Syers
    Senior Account Manager
  • Charlotte Holgate
    Charlotte Holgate
    Account Manager
  • Rachel Lumb
    Rachel Lumb
    Senior Account Manager
  • Axel Tulip
    Axel Tulip
    Account Director
  • Hatty Settle
    Hatty Settle
    Account Manager
  • Jonathan Stott
    Jonathan Stott
    Account Manager
  • Natalie Noble
    Natalie Noble
    Senior Operations Manager
  • Paul Blandford
    Paul Blandford
    Creative Director
  • Jason Mortimer
    Jason Mortimer
    Art Director
  • Neil Roebuck
    Neil Roebuck
    Senior Creative
  • Richard Meads
    Richard Meads
    Senior Creative
  • Emma Jackson
    Emma Jackson
  • Milly Bell
    Milly Bell
    Marketing and Media Executive

People we work with

We enjoy long-term relationships with leading B2B brands across a broad spectrum of industries, including engineering, automotive, financial services and electronics.

We aim to build partnerships based on an ethos of open-ness, problem solving, learning and shared success. Take a look at our case studies to discover more about our approach.

  • brother
  • Speedy
  • TMD Friction
  • Parker
  • B2B International
  • Peninsula Business Services
  • Virgin Media
  • Tesco Bank
  • 2Plan
  • Textar
  • Fenner Precision
  • Gardner Denver
  • Leica Geosystems
  • Trinity McQueen
  • Hella
  • Legal & General
  • DON
  • Nisshinbo
  • Autologic
  • Berlitz
  • TruNarrative


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