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B2B marketing challenges – the 2017 report

Not many people are going to miss 2016, and while 2017 brings us a whole year to plan for success, there are many challenges ahead for us B2B marketers. But with challenges, come opportunities! And once again, our annual report looks at ten of the biggest challenges in B2B marketing that we all face this year.

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Research, but land it too

Research is a challenge in itself, especially with the growth of big data and the lack of knowledge of what to do with it! However, it is landing the research that is the biggest challenge.

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Taking inspiration from B2C

Let’s dispel the myth that B2C techniques do not work for B2B, because they do! But how can we learn to use B2C methods in B2B marketing?

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Make events a reality

Gone are the days when simply booking a stand at an event was enough to generate interest. You have to drive engagement to succeed in 2017. How can virtual reality solve this?

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PR, meet SEO

Securing links on high ranking websites is best achieved through white hat SEO methods. And, while you may not have realised it, that means PR.

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Hackers anonymous

In 2017, frustrated customers or internet activists could do a lot more damage than you first thought. So stay sharp, and be prepared.

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Interview with an android

Facebook ‘Chat bots’ are available to use, right now. In their most basic form, you can set up an auto-response. But that’s just step one.

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Social is for B2B

It is time to dispel a myth. A myth, which if you choose to believe, can show to the world that you are a little out of touch. “Social Media isn’t worthwhile in the B2B landscape”. Poppycock.

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Beyond the podfather

Podcasts in 2017 will surely see ever more listeners, more diverse content and wider opportunities for marketing departments. Get listening.

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When print beats pixels

Print being considered more important than pixels seems odd these days, but depending on the purpose and the audience, it can be the smart move.

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Politics of the KPI

When marketing has become more of an open book, knowing the results inside out has become essential.

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