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B2B marketing challenges – the 2016 report

The world of marketing is forever changing. Sometimes trends evolve slowly, while others revolutionise the way we work and market our products or services.

In 2016, as our ten challenges show, there will be a mixture of trends that you’ll be familiar with, and those that will come as a surprise. Nevertheless, all ten pose significant challenges for B2B marketers in the coming year, making them incredibly important to know and understand early on.

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Context is king

They say content is king. It was, but it had a short reign. Content is now the king’s father; context is the new king.

When marketers write content, we often do so in a way that attempts to reach every person within our audience. Whether that is a customer, shareholder or partner….

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Be human with your message

So you work in B2B. You’re a business person. They’re a business person.

Therefore, you need to maximise sales opportunities by leveraging the vocabulary of influential experts within the field, ensuring paradigm shifts in the quality of words are used to empower a results driven campaign.


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It takes just a micro-moment

Since visiting this page have you checked your phone? It’s likely that you have, perhaps even for just a second or without being mindful of the fact.

The reason we say this with confidence is because the average person now checks their phone 150 times per day, with a plethora of notifications interrupting our routines…

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The 85% rule

Your customers have changed. Whether you have retained their business for the last twelve years or last twelve months, they have changed.

Your customers may look the same, have the same needs, do the same work, but still, changed. It’s all to do with how much they know. This year will be the most connected year humanity has ever lived in, where knowledge is gained by simply saying ‘Hey Siri, tell me about’…

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Mobile, you win

The desktop is how we first learned to use a computer, it was our first portal to the internet and (for some of us) how we first created a family to look exactly like our own in The Sims.

This has all changed. Children of today are learning to use computers and the Internet through mobile devices, likely viewing the desktop computer as an ancient typewriter-like device their aged parents are still clinging on to…

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Who's got influence?

The last decade in marketing has seen the power of the Internet grow from a place to host company information on a corporate website, to a plethora of channels to share your content.

In this trend, driven through the rise of social media, one group of people have shown their face, challenging brands like never before, with such speed that it took many marketers by surprise…

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Climbing the big data mountain

Big data, everyone talks about it but no one really understands it.

It’s a complicated problem that the modern digital age has created. As individuals, we create gigabytes of data each day, without even realising it. With so much data, it’s not hard to understand why it’s talked about more than put to use…

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Video captures the moment

Video isn’t new, but the rate at which it is growing is. It is as if online video reached a major tipping point in 2015, and 2016 is going to see the medium grow at an accelerated rate.

This is taking marketers by surprise, due to the speed at which they need to build the skills and team to join in. Making videos that will be seen among the billions of hours of footage that is already uploaded daily is a real challenge…

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The year of ad-blocking

Last year, ad-blocking became mainstream. Apple introduced support for ad-blocking software in their latest version of iOS and, in an instant, advertisers around the world shuddered with fear.

The change also brought the idea into the mainstream – your average Joe and Jane now realised that blocking ads was possible…

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Email is not dead

‘Email is dead!’ they cried when Facebook introduced a personal messaging feature. ‘Email is dead!’ was heard from the rooftops when Twitter went mainstream. ‘Email is dead!’ they say, because WhatsApp has gained over 900 million users worldwide.

Well, we’ve got news for you, there are 2.5 billion email users in the world, which is 500 million more users than social media can boast. Email is most certainly not dead…

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