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Brand activation

Brand activation

It’s a cluttered and crowded media world out there, with an ever increasing bombardment of messages and irrelevant content; not to mention more and more media convergence. So how does your brand cut through all the noise and stand above the competition?

Well, it certainly helps to strip everything down and ensure that there is just one main message. It’s then about creating a strong connection between your customers or prospects and your brand – one that motivates them to engage and take the desired actions.

To be certain that the overall messages are correct, we analyse your data and seek insight. We also ensure that your potential customers have a reason to care about what you say and do; only after this do we plan an intelligent, joined-up approach – and finally, activate your brand’s messages along the correct channels.

Brand Activation is nothing new. It’s just about bringing your brand to life through the correct strategic marketing activity, and drive customer involvement, positive engagement and eventually enquiries and sales.

It can be achieved by marketing through the correct channels, whether they be digital – which could include online campaigns, microsites, landing pages, social media integration and email marketing, and it could include traditional or offline; such as advertising, Direct Marketing, POS, or incentives, sponsorship and promotional marketing.

Fox can ensure your B2b marketing campaigns will deploy the correct combination of tactics to provide value to your audience, and provide them with a valid reason to care and engage with you. We aim to get your audience to participate as when they do, it creates a stronger bond between them and you, and it also makes them think, feel, and react, instead of just listening and seeing.

It may all sound complex and long-winded, but like anything that’s truly worthwhile, it’s simple in practice. Let Fox look at your position in the market and compare that to your goals; we can then plan to activate your brand and get your customers taking action.

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