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Events, exhibitions and experiential

Events, exhibitions and experiential

You could host the best looking event in the history of B2B marketing, but it would all be in vain if it wasn’t integrated into a coherent marketing strategy. This is where Fox excels. Sure we love to get creative and make events remarkable and memorable, but more importantly, we create awareness and engagement with the required audiences throughout.

We also take care of it all – from conception, strategy and planning, to production, support and post-event marketing. As anyone that’s organised events knows, there are a million things to remember whilst remaining focused on achieving the overall objectives.

Whether the events are trade shows, sales and marketing meetings, VIP customer meetings, hospitality events, conferences, or team building, our UK and international event delivery means that you have one-point of contact, and that your branding and message is consistent throughout.


Fox has extensive experience ensuring that our clients stand-out at exhibitions. Our creative approach to arresting booth branding, stunning visuals, dedicated video, and effective marketing collateral such as brochures, hand-outs and giveaways, has all meant that our clients’ presence at events have achieved their objectives.

This is also achieved by getting the required audience to engage before, during and afterwards. Whether the audience is prospective customers, investors, industry media, partners or contemporaries, we can ensure that each is fully aware and fully engaged.

Providing a unique blend of creativity, B2B industry experience, and a personable team of professionals means you can have total confidence in Fox bringing you the results you require. We have a wealth of in-house industry talent, including highly experienced event planners, branding specialists, and experienced B2B advisors, all of whom are supported by a trusted network of suppliers. Perhaps most importantly, we care, and will always move mountains to deliver our promises.

Alternatively, you may just need support with a few specific requirements such as pre-event marketing, brochure creation or event stage management. Whatever your trade show or exhibition requirements, hand over responsibility to Fox for complete peace of mind.

Experiential Marketing

Experiential is simply about the experience, and experiential events work because they enable your audience to really connect with your brand in a tangible and memorable way. When prospects and stakeholders can see your human side, there’s a real association that email or advertising cannot deliver. Fox’s creative thinkers come up with original and inventive experiential ideas for our B2B clients and again, we work with you both beforehand and afterwards to maximise effectiveness and ROI.

Speak to Fox about helping you to connect your organisation with the correct B2B audiences through immersive, entertaining and interactive experiences. Our highly creative but practical solutions will deliver impact and will drive your target market from experience to action.

Talk to us today about your upcoming events, or ask us to research what’s going in your sector to ensure you maximise opportunities.

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