b2b marketing

Insight, strategy and brand

Insight, strategy and brand

Behind every truly successful marketing initiative lies brilliant clarity of thought.

We prize simplicity. We only work in B2B, which helps. And we are media-impartial. So we are able to provide clear, expert and informed advice – helping clients to understand their markets and audiences; develop effective marketing and communications strategies; and create and grow their brands over the long term.


For each marketing challenge we are able to build on an ever-growing body of knowledge and data, gathered from a huge variety of industries. It gives us the context and co-ordinates to locate valuable audience and market insight. Working with specialist research partners, we conduct in-depth research studies including brand, audience, segmentation, and value propositions.


Our activity is results-driven. Which means concrete objectives, and detailed brand, campaign and communication strategies designed to achieve the outcomes that we, and our clients, want. Each project begins with a step-by-step strategic process, defining what we need to achieve, the obstacles in our way, and the most effective approaches to take.


No-one ever got fired for hiring IBM. Or so they used to say. The power of the brand is pervasive in B2B. And put simply, it can help you succeed.

We develop brand identities from the inside out. Starting with simple conversations with customers and employees, and extending into wider research, we’ll get to the heart of what your brand is for, and why it’s special. Then we create a look and feel that’s distinctly ‘you’, relevant to the audience, and works across all media (including online) – building real value into your offer.

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