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Just be nice.

Posted by: Ben Fox on 10 September 2010

This is my plea to all you good people out there – be nice.

Trust me, it is the best way to go about things and in turn you will reap the benefits of your niceness.

I’m talking about being nice to other people, being nice in the workplace, being nice to clients, family members, shop keepers, school teachers – just be nice to people and in turn you’ll find it is reciprocated. An old lady struggling with her shopping bags – offer to give her a hand. A pregnant lady standing on a bus – offer your seat. Hold doors open for people, let cars out in front of you, mow next door’s lawn when you do your own…

A client panicking because they’ve messed up and not sorted something – offer to sort it for them, it will be worthwhile in the long run. Too many people these days just aren’t being nice – I see it in ‘real life’ and I see it throughout the creative industries all the time. From an industry/work perspective I see agencies often slating the work of other agencies – check out The Drum forums for evidence.

Why? What does this really achieve?

As my Nan would say ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything’. A far, far better option is to praise good work – spread the news of the great examples of work done by competitors, this will show to your audience that you know a good thing when you see it, also shows how comfortable you are with your business that you are willing to promote the work of another company. It’ll also put you in a good light amongst your industry peers – never a bad thing.

Karma does work – here’s an example from recent, personal experience; I won tickets through Twitter to a weekend music festival (karma already at work) and duly went along with spouse and tent in hand.

Enjoying the various bands on show my better half and I settled to watch a band that was just about to start their set. As more and more people gathered to watch, a lady with two small children sat in front of us.  The lead singer of the band started gesturing in our direction to get him a drink… it turned out the lady in front was indeed his wife but she was struggling with their two kids so a trek to the beer tent and back would be an arduous task – to cut a long story short I went to the beer tent, bought the guy a drink, took it to the stage where the band’s performance had already started – yes, I was sucking up, and yes I did just want to be in their band…

So good deed done I returned to my place, watched the show and continued to mooch around the festival taking in the sights and sounds. Much later in the day I’m again in the beer tent when I get a tap on the shoulder, turning I see the lead singer of the band who’d been sent by his wife to thank me for supplying his liquid refreshment earlier in the day.

We start chatting and appear to get along well, soon enough the usual ‘what do you do?’ conversation starts and it transpires that in his day job he’s head of marketing for a major UK sportswear manufacturer, AND he’s looking for an agency to do an online/social media campaign!

WOOHOOO – Sports & Social Media – I’m in my element.

Next week Fox Communications is pitching for said campaign – we’ll let you know (win or lose) how it goes. I truly believe that we would not have had the opportunity to get in front of this brand had I not taken it upon myself to do a good deed.

So please, everyone, be nice. It pays.

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