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You’re Nuffink without your people!

Posted by: Ben Fox on 18 April 2011

The old adage ‘you’re only as good as your people’ is so very, very true.

Now, this may sound strikingly obvious to most of us, but believe me, it’s not to all!

In my agency experience and through speaking to others in the industry, really good people are hard to come by.  So, when we do manage to find a diamond in the rough, we must keep it safe, polish it regularly and put it on display for clients and industry peers to gaze upon longingly.

Too many times I’ve seen good agency folk become disillusioned with their current role (or their employers) for reasons that could easily be overcome with a bit of thought, consideration and appreciation.

It’s not always about the money – good people are motivated by more than just spondoolas – they want to be challenged, given the opportunity to grow, to add value to the team, and be a respected part of the organisation. In return they will work damn hard to help grow your business, keep your clients happy and produce some mighty fine work along the way.

It’s very short-sighted to pigeonhole people as only being good at certain things and not others – this can easily lead to a team member feeling under-valued and he or she becoming disillusioned. Retaining and developing our existing staff is so much easier, cheaper and better than constantly looking for new talent. This doesn’t mean we should stop looking for potential new additions to our diamond hoard, but we mustn’t lose sight of the jewels already in our possession – it’s those jewels that have got us to where we are today.

Have a look around your workplace now and organise a group hug today!

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