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Selling– A lorra lorra laughs

Posted by: Ben Fox on 26 July 2011

Selling is just like a blind date.

Let’s face it; in both instances usually one of the parties does not want to be there. A blind date – she’s been set-up, usually by well-meaning friends and family and therefore is in no mood to talk or listen. Sales – well, no one likes being sold to, do they?

So, when it comes to marketing a brand, products or services how do we approach this one-sided reluctance? Well, let’s consider how YOU managed to attract your current girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse or better-half… Upon first sight did you walk right up to them and say “Let’s make out”? Did you spout 5 things that clearly show you are soooo much better than anybody else in the bar or club? Did you make your logo bigger by shouting your name at the end of every conversation? Of course you didn’t.

I’m guessing you were charming and interesting and funny, and you probably asked loads of questions and showed a genuine interest in their thoughts and opinions. Maybe you also tried to stay a little bit mysterious to help retain their interest. You did all this because you have a natural instinct for selling. You know the best way to develop a long lasting relationship. You know that effective selling comes from your gut and your heart and has to be genuine. So why change all this when it comes to selling your brand?  No need at all.

Make sense? Or do you need Our Graham with a quick reminder?

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