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A call to action about calls to action

Posted by: Ben Fox on 9 September 2011

“Hey darling, just grab the wheel for me while I use my mobile to scan the QR code on that billboard.  What’s that you say? We’re heading straight into the central reservation at 70mphhhhhhhh???”

QR codes on billboards – What the hell?

Come on now, it’s getting ridiculous – no joke, I drove past a billboard/48 sheet on the outskirts of Leeds today with a QR code as the call to action…and no, I didn’t have time to grab my mobile and scan it or indeed to take a photo (hence the lack of proof here) but I promise you it exists…and I bet the same idea has been used elsewhere too.

Methinks it’s time to provide some guidance as to what CTA to use where… if you don’t agree with me, no worries – simply add your tuppence worth in the comments below.

(See what I did there?) 

Media:  Outdoor – billboards, bus sides, street sites, outdoor posters

Call to action:

Without a doubt less is more. Folks will only see your ads for about 2 milliseconds so they will not have time to write down a telephone number, or a number for SMS or scan a QR code either.

If someone doesn’t get your ad’s message in two seconds it aint going to work, test it and if it doesn’t  work keep refining until it does – Remember your ad is strengthened by everything that is removed from it, not added to it.

CTA = Just a logo (honestly – if folk are interested they’ll Google you)

Media: Print/DM

Call to action:

This is where you can really go to town and keep the clients happy – Tel No. Web Address. Social Media profiles, hell…throw in that QR code why not?

Don’t get too greedy, but a piece of print that is intended to be read and considered is probably your one and only chance to provide as many avenues to contact you and find out more about your company, products and services, so make the most of it.

Media: Radio

Call to action:

Telephone number – BUT…only if you’ve managed to bag one of those cool Safestyle UK stylee numbers that even your Gran could remember…if you don’t have one of these numbers then don’t bother forcing something else…you’re much better off creating a cool/engaging ad that makes folk remember your brand and Google it when they’ve finished dropping the kids at school/doing the DIY/ escaped from Greggs or wherever folk listen to commercial radio these days.

(Do folk listen to commercial radio these days?)

Media:  Facebook Page

Call to action:

Depends on the conversation. Interact with your audience. Make it a conversation. Of course you need to get everyone to ‘Like’ the page so offer them some form of incentive (discount off your hotel/restaurant/attraction/shop/other) but then ask them what they thought of your hotel/restaurant/attraction/shop/other…and how you can improve.

If you do that, and keep your posts honest, engaging and fresh then folk will return…and engage…and others will flock to your wonderful Facebook presence because word has spread about how fantastic it is…


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..What, no QR code?

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