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Sharing the goodies…Great links for increasing time and efficiency for businesses

Posted by: Ben Fox on 7 June 2012

(Share, don’t hoard)

We’re all trying to make a living in these tough times.

As small and medium sized businesses it’s all about being efficient and effective with your time and resources.

With this in mind, and because ‘we’re all in this together’ we thought it good to share some of our top tips/links for saving time and money in helping us run a smooth(ish) operation on a daily basis…

1. Basecamp (Project Management)

  • An absolutely tip-top online project management solution.
  • Allows you to create and manage client projects, ideal for collaborating on jobs and for ensuring everyone involved is on the same wavelength – especially good for remote working.
  • Easy to use interface and great for archiving jobs for referring back to.
  • Inexpensive and different package levels for all sizes of businesses – in short; we’d be stuffed without it.
  • Basecamp

2. Dropbox (File storage and sharing)

  • Remember the olden days when we used ‘YouSendIt’?
  • If you don’t already use Dropbox then sign up today.
  • So simple to use it is truly superb.
  • Store and share files with anyone, it can synch files automatically AND you get a Brucey-bonus (more space) when you refer someone.
  • Again, inexpensive and different packages available for all business and budget sizes – and now they have super-sized ‘Dropbox for Teams’ for folks who need gazillions of megabyte things to store ‘stuff’.
  • Dropbox

3. Kashflow (Accounting)

  • Accounting has never been so much fun!
  • Ok…maybe not fun, but it’s certainly never been so easy to manage.
  • Kashflow is what Sage would love to be, if it was cool enough.
  • Easy to use, tracks transactions, slick interface, easy to convert quotes into invoices, monitors who you owe and who owes you and plenty of reports available for viewing.
  • Ditch the manual spreadsheet method for Kashflow and you won’t look back – we promise.
  • Kashflow

4. Highrise (CRM)

  • From the makers of Basecamp comes another simple-to-use but highly effective online business solution.
  • Highrise helps you manage contacts, share case or proposal details and generally monitor the ongoing relationships you have existing and prospective clients.
  • The more you use this tool the more useful it becomes.
  • Highrise

5. Evernote (Helps you remember)

  • Packed train home from the office when the best idea ever strikes you…?
  • No pen or notepad to hand and you’re terrified the idea will be lost by the time you make it safely home… this is where Evernote comes into its own.
  • Basically, it’s an app that lets you store or save ‘stuff’ – ideas, shopping lists, reminders, pics, music…anything.
  • Great for general day to day use when you get one of those ‘I must remember this’ moments.
  • Evernote

These are 5 of our useful links/solutions…please do share yours below…

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