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Make the most of your working day!

Posted by: Ben Fox on 10 May 2013

How to make more of your working day – creating much-needed thinking time

Finding time to do some focused thinking is like the Holy Grail for business leaders.

Clearing space in your head when you’re not bogged down in internal meetings, client conference  calls or dealing with supplier queries, a colleague’s questions and a million other tasks required to run your business is nigh on impossible; even if all business leaders know that making this quality time to reflect, plan and determine strategy should be a priority.

Making just small changes to your daily habits can help ease the pressures on your time like you would not believe.

The first step is simple and it takes no time at all, but will free up a significant amount of time and head space –We promise.

Head-space saver 1 – Unsubscribe

We all know that email is the root of all evil and is the cause of hundreds of work-hours being lost each week.

It draws you in, saps your energy, makes a mockery of the best laid plans and to-do lists and fills your working day with other people’s priorities.

From today onwards, one simple step that you can take to start clearing some space in your inbox, in your working day and more importantly in your head is to choose to unsubscribe.

Instead of deleting the promotional emails from that stationery supplier you haven’t used in 2 years, or the LinkedIn daily digests from the groups you haven’t checked in 6 months, or the latest offer emails from Groupon, Discount Deals and other sites you signed up to on a whim… take the decision to unsubscribe.

On all of these emails will be a link to ‘unsubscribe’ – you are just one click away from freedom.

You don’t need to know the latest deals on plastic wallets and staplers, you have enough on your plate without reading updates from the ‘UK Entrepreneurs Group’ and you certainly do not want to be drawn into the three-hour deliberation caused by the 2 for 1 flights offer to Venice this weekend from Groupon.

Go on, unsubscribe. Do it once and reap the rewards, enjoy the space and do some thinking.

If you received this post from our RSS…you know what to do…

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