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What makes successful tourism marketing?

Posted by: Ben Fox on 25 June 2013

Following our recent post ‘What is tourism marketing?’ in this series of posts we will outline the stages to delivering compelling and engaging tourism marketing campaigns to capture the imagination of your audience and to drive visitor numbers.

All successful tourism marketing is based on core marketing and communications principles; these, combined with a clear strategy and creativity are the foundations of successful destination and visitor campaigns.

The Core Proposition

To ensure effective marketing and communications you first must know what it is you are selling.

The first stage is to define the core proposition of any destination or attraction – this is the one, single thing that makes a destination or attraction special and different from all others.

Is it the stunning natural beauty, the diverse culture, the buzz of the nightlife or the ability to lose yourself upon arrival – there is always one real thing, one core element that makes any place special – this is what you’re selling above all else.

There will be any number of locations that have great shopping, great nightlife, a lovely river or great beaches – but no two destinations share that one thing that makes a place special and unique.

The core proposition is the single, most valuable component to tourism marketing – everything else is just secondary, only acting to reinforce this message.

Our next post will explain the next stage in the process to delivering successful tourism marketing.

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