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10 Observations from Fox

Posted by: Ben Fox on 5 July 2013

As marketing people, a good proportion of our job involves observing stuff. Here are some of our collective observations on business and life in general.

1. In business (especially in marketing) the term ‘insight’ is used far too often. Just to be clear: An insight is not the same as an observation or plain old common sense.

2. You should only work with (and for) good people – life is way too short to work with colleagues or clients that piss you off.

3. Your gut is right 99% of the time. Yet we all make decisions or follow paths that go against our gut feeling. Usually this is due to not wanting to upset the apple cart or because we want something to be right (even if it isn’t).

4. Karma. Bad shit will happen to bad people. Good people usually end up getting their rewards (given time).

5. Most (ok, some) clients think that stock images are always the answer. This frustrates the hell out of most creatives.

6. Most of your competitors are paddling furiously too. Those bigger, seemingly more organised, better equipped and more polished competitors are exactly the same as you are. Underneath the calm exterior they too are frantically chasing new opportunities, juggling projects and battling to get a hold on a client’s real requirements.

7. The fastest way to get something done is to do something.

8. More people mix up ‘being’ with ‘been’ than confuse ‘there’ ‘their’ and ‘they’re’.

9. Most companies (agencies) lie (or embellish the truth) on their ‘Our Clients’ listings or web page. So do we.

10. Turning up is half the battle. We are sure there are plenty more observations (not insights) out there –we ask (no, beg) that you share yours with us below…

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