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What’s the big idea? (How to have great ideas)

Posted by: Ben Fox on 23 September 2013

Fact: Any great campaign is based on a great idea.

You can spend as much time, money and resources on advertising, promotional activity, social media and any other marketing initiative you like, but if the original idea isn’t great, it will go to waste.

So, it begs the question – how the hell do you get to the great idea in the first place?

Well, as we are in the ideas business, we thought we’d try and share our idea-generating process to help get your creative juices flowing.

1. What’s the goal?

Forget about how you’re going to ‘do it’ – first and foremost you need to decide what single thing you want to happen – what is the ultimate goal of the campaign or initiative?

Do you want to achieve more product sales? Get prospects to enquire about your service? Create some viral attention? Sign your petition?

Don’t be greedy…focus on one clear goal but feel free to make it as BIG as you like.

2. Forget everything you think you know.

Start from scratch. Forget what you think you know about your customers, your market place or indeed your product or services. Take a brand new look at the big picture without any preconceptions – you’ll be amazed how different things look when you drop the “what we’ve always done” baggage.

3. Get everything out on the table

Be open to everything, including those ideas that seem a little ‘out there’ at first.

Don’t be tempted to play it safe just because all of your competitors look the same, sound the same and use the same messages, images and methods to reach the audience.

It’s easy to mimic a competitor but how far will that get you in the long-run?

4. Refine, refine, refine

Remember that many great ideas start out as fairly mediocre ideas. But if you can see a hint of potential, then consider, refine and refine some more, until something amazing is created.

A great idea (like great advertising) is enhanced by what is removed, not by what is added.

5. Sleep on it.

Time is great for creating and testing any great idea. Struggling to find that killer idea?

Leave it. Go do something else completely and come back to it later.

Want to know if your idea is as amazing as you first thought? Come back much later.

And the biggest factor in creating amazing ideas…

6. Add more inputs

By this we mean that great ideas come of out of experiences, knowledge and a general consumption of more ‘stuff’.

Read everything, check out what others are doing, play around with new technologies, surf the web, draw stuff, learn a foreign language, travel, play sport, meet as many people as possible.

The more you see, hear, read, experience and consume, the more you have to draw on to help influence your creative process.

Lastly, ideas often come when you’re not actively seeking them, so if you’re struggling, distract yourself.  Have faith that they will come, and don’t beat yourself up about it.

In the meantime, let us know below if you have any great ideas for our next blog post.  😉

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