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Set yourselves free from Office Blandville!

Posted by: Al Fox on 3 October 2013

Here lies a typical office.

Plain walls, no wall art, utilitarian storage cabinets, dull floor covering, cheap veneered desks, office-standard chairs, oh, and worst of all, bright, fluorescent lights.

Is it a creative atmosphere? Does it inspire?  Would you want to spend most of your waking hours here?

That’s got to be a no, no and a definitely not.

But what about this?

And this

And this

They’re still offices.  But how would it feel working in these spaces?  Would the creatives flourish? Would it build office morale? Would the buzz of working in such an inspiring space lead to increased well-being and productivity?  Hard to say that it wouldn’t isn’t it?

But what’s most amazing is that we’re in the second decade of the new millennium and most of us are still imprisoned in the blandest office spaces imaginable.

No time, no budget, it’s a leased office; there’s a variety of excuses, but in most cases there’s no real reason why improvements can’t be made.

So, let’s get some interesting office furniture.  Let’s paint the walls colours that don’t involve magnolia. Let’s buy some original art. Let’s turn off the fluorescents and get some lamps and uplighters, let’s visit a salvage yard and find a big stuffed animal for the office. Let’s buy some antiques or something beautiful that’s not actually a piece of office equipment.

Use your creatives and let them be creative. They could well be the perfect folks to mastermind the interior design process.  It needn’t cost a fortune but it will make a big difference to every single day.

Turn that big light off and book-in an interior design meeting today.

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