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How many people are using the world’s biggest social networks?

Posted by: David Clare on 9 June 2016

What do you think are the world’s biggest social networks? Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? Well, you got the first one right, but may need to guess again for the rest.

While the likes of Twitter certainly has a huge impact on the world, breaking news and providing celebrity obsessed, 24/7 media, with plenty of headlines, it’s actually quite small-fry in the grand scheme of things.

It was recently revealed that Snapchat has more daily active users than Twitter, with 150 million versus Twitter’s 140 million. Compare this to the giant that is Facebook, with 1,090,000 daily active users, and you’ll see how much bigger Zuck’s is than Dorsey’s.

But how many active users are there on each of the world’s biggest social networks, I hear you ask. Well, we’ve done the research for you – this time looking at monthly active users, since not all services release the daily figure. And of course, there are more accounts on these networks, but we care more about monthly active users (MAUs) since this removes any derelicts or fakes.

Here’s the breakdown (from largest to smallest):

Notable mentions also include WhatsApp, which is a social network or straightforward messaging platform, depending on your point of view, with 1,000,000,000 monthly active users, and QQ, which is China’s biggest social network, and the world’s 3rd (or fourth, again, depending on your stance for WhatsApp) largest, with 853,000,000 monthly active users.

Okay, so learning that Facebook is the world’s biggest social media site isn’t exactly new information, but it is worth bearing in mind the alternatives to the regular 3 (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) when developing your next social media strategy. QQ, anyone?

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