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A Top 10 Countdown of Fox Agency’s Most Popular Blogs in 2016

Posted by: Thomas Harrison-Lord on 26 January 2017

Just in case you weren’t aware, the year is now 2017, and so to celebrate, here is a run-down of our most-read blogs of last year, 2016.

Across the year, we blogged about all sorts of weird and wonderful subjects, all loosely related to marketing, from our own news updates to automotive marketing, and even one about dogs in the workplace. We will continue this intriguing trend throughout 2017, but for now, why not have a look through our Top-10 countdown of the most read Fox Agency blog posts of 2016? Cue ‘At The Sign Of The Swinging Cymbal’.


10. The Grand Tour is only the start, DriveTribe is the future

We kick-off our countdown with one of Tom’s rambling car-related diatribes about another sort of tribe. DriveTribe, to be more specific. Yes, those blokes off-of the tele (or now, the internet) were about to launch a new social media platform, from scratch, and this one is only about cars. No small task, but they had a massive stack ‘o cash to make it work.

9. Fox Agency – A Top Ten Elite Marketing Agency!

In at number 9 is the first of our self-congratulatory blog posts about an award, recommendation or Fox-related news. As you shall see in the rest of this run-down, we quite like a pat on the back. So here’s to the first, more eulogising shall follow later.

8. Fox Agency wins at The Drum Content Awards for Best B2B Content Strategy

Straight away, at number 8, is our second piece of good news, when we actually went and won at The Drum Content Awards. Like Ed Sheeran being at number 1 and number 2 at the same time, only at 8 and 9 and in a more relevant chart…

7. Does your company have a ‘covering my ass’ email culture?

“Ban all CC’ing of emails” boldly proclaims Ben in an email about blogging. Or is that a blog about emailing? I’m not too sure, but anyway, you can read it, if you like.

Lazarus Brands

6. Lazarus Brands. Gola? Dunlop Green Flash? I mean, come on!

It’s a blog post written by Al with ‘Lazarus’ in the title, but strangely, isn’t about David Bowie. No really. A ‘Lazarus Brand’ is a thing, and you should learn about that thing by reading this blog post which includes fond memories of playground brand recognition.

5. The rise of social media influencers in the car industry

I think by now, I think most marketers have got a little tired of the term ‘influencer’. If it isn’t the marketers that are tired of it, the influencers themselves definitely are. But still, the car industry is well behind the curve. Here’s why.

4. London calling: Fox agency open London office

Straight to number 4 is the big news that Fox Agency now has a London office, huzzah! A big moment for all of us, we celebrated by standing in a field.

3. Fox Agency expansion brings in three new appointments

Now we are into the Top 3 of our now-annual countdown and further expansion news. Not content with accolades and new offices, but 2016 also witnessed new team members too. This particular announcement also took part on national ‘wear a black top’ day too, fun fact.

2. Happy birthday to us: Fox Agency turns 5!

Nearly at number 1, but not quite, at Number 2 we turned 5 years old in 2016 and to celebrate this momentous occasion with didn’t stand in a field. No, this time, we stood on a staircase. Oh yes, we don’t do things by half. This blog also includes some rather natty infographics pertaining to the past 5 years in marketing and what we predict will happen in the next 5 years of marketing too, well worth checking out.

Number 1 Most Read Fox Agency Blog 2016

1. The 10 major challenges for B2B marketers in 2016 [Report]

Drum roll, please. The number 1 most-read blog of 2016 was our announcement that the B2B Marketing Challenges report was now available to download. In a way, this is the perfect number 1 for Fox Agency as it represents a team effort, with many people involved in the production of our yearly report. It’s also nice to see so much buzz around the report. We wonder if the most read blog of 2017 will be the post about the new 2017 edition, which you should totally download if you haven’t already.

Or, maybe it will be this very post – creating some sort of blog-based black hole of marketing opinions? Hmmmm.

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