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Why landing your research is so important

Posted by: Thomas Harrison-Lord on 24 February 2017

I think it is fair to say that most people understand the importance of market research. Crucial in the development of new products and services, it enables a business to identify gaps in the market, seek assurances that their idea is correct or help prevent a business from making a catastrophic mistake.

But knowing why research is important and actually acting upon research in the correct way are two different things. Commissioning a research project may look and sound like like the right thing to do, but the interpretation and learnings gleaned from the research are far more important than the undertaking itself.

Too often, a B2B company is provided with research results in a large document, which in turn is skimmed through and a reminder is noted down to “read the research findings when I find time, this week, or next, maybe”. Life goes on and the company continues to do what they were doing in the first place. Big deal.

Now partly, that is the fault of the research commissioner. But on the other hand, as providers of research, are we not responsible for making sure we capture their thoughts, no matter how busy they be with other matters?

Of course it is.

A bunch of numbers and pie charts can be terminally dull. Researchers and marketers need to find way to engage. To captivate and really grab the client’s attention. Otherwise all of the carefully collated information is for nothing.

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