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Nokia’s launch of the refreshed 3310 was a huge mistake

Posted by: David Clare on 27 February 2017

Nokia was once the greatest mobile phone company in the world. I’ve had the 5110, 7110, 8210 and of course, the 3310.  All were great phones, at least in their time. But when time chose to move on, Nokia didn’t do so well. I’ve had the Nokia Lumia 720, 800 and 900, and yet all performed poorly. Windows Phone OS may not have helped, but Nokia went down the wrong path with its smartphones a long, long time ago.

And yet, the relaunch of the 3310, as beautiful and funky as it may look, is another disastrous move for the troubled company. Why? Because the buzz is just far too distracting. While the theory may be that the launch will drive awareness of Nokia and it’s 3 new smartphones that were also launched at MWC, a quick Google will show how difficult it is to find news of the other phones (especially in a world where more than one link click is too taxing).

The 3310 has given plenty of watercooler discussion over the nostalgia of the old device and the design of the modern version, little conversation will focus on the Nokia 3, 5 and 6. These are the other devices I mentioned they’d launched, but I’m sure you’d forgotten about them already hadn’t you?

While the PR-stunt that is the 3310 has been hugely successful in terms of coverage and awareness, it will ultimately prove a failure, as the average Carphone Warehouse customer enters the store adamant they want a smartphone, and that Nokia does not do them; they just do the 3310, which has snake and sends texts. But who really wants that once the nostalgia dies off?

And by the time the salesman tries to explain they do great smartphones too, that person’s idea of Nokia will have been set in stone, thanks hugely to the new 3310.

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