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We’re off to the 2017 Geneva Motor Show

Posted by: David Clare on 8 March 2017

It feels like only yesterday that the world’s most influential motor show (unless you consider that to be CES ) took place, and yet this Friday we will be jetting over to Geneva to tweet, blog and photograph the carbon fibre delights on show.

We have a fair few clients in the automotive sector, so we’ll be busy whilst out there, but we’ll make sure to keep you updated in a blog post and throughout the day on our Twitter feed @foxb2b.

So what should you expect? Well, SUVs have been a growing market for the industry, so there’ll be plenty of these on offer, but it’s going to be the supercars, hypercars and concept cars that will truly steal the show. We’ll be taking plenty of pictures of these!

Beyond attending for our clients and to ogle at fancy cars, we also attend to see what the latest trends are, not just in automotive technology, but the way brands market these. For example, this year we expect efficient petrol engines to get a lot of attention, with the media agenda currently being dead against diesel.

Not only does such insight help when marketing automotive aftermarket brands, but the tone and style of marketing the automotive industry uses can provide learnings applicable to other sectors. The automotive industry has perfected the art of marketing over the years, thanks in part to such fierce and varied competition, so even if your brand has nothing to do with cars, it’s worth listening nonetheless.

Follow us on @foxb2b on Friday to see everything that happens, and come back to the blog on Monday for our full round up.

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