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Minecraft Marketplace will show younger generations the value of creativity

Posted by: David Clare on 11 April 2017

Minecraft, the hugely popular video game which has sold 121 million copies, is played by 55 million monthly active users, and was bought by Microsoft for an eye-watering $2.5 billion, has announced a new feature which will allow players to purchase creations, rather than spend the time making things themselves.

At first glance, Minecraft Marketplace may appear to suck the creativity out of the game. After all, why make something yourself when you can just buy it and enjoy the immediate satisfaction? True, but without a price cap on items, it won’t be long before pocket money is spent and it’s back to being a maker again.

Really, what the new marketplace shows younger generations* is the value their creativity can bring. Minecraft is now possibly the most mainstream medium for teaching this valuable lesson. If a player creates something awesome, they will know learn that their sacrifice and time can lead to more than just the satisfaction of having made something. They will see, first hand, the value of creativity and financial opportunity of being a maker.

Video games are often blamed for draining children of creativity. And while this has never really been true, Minecraft has been the shining example that proves the disbelievers wrong. Now, it will not only show that creativity is possible, but that it is rewarding, and worth pursuing too.

I’m not saying that the younger generation should focus their efforts on making a career from Minecraft – after all, the marketplace will likely become as cluttered and competitive as the App Store – but I believe it will remind them that pursuing creative careers is worthwhile – you don’t need to chase the corporate grind.

Creativity pays. Just play Minecraft if you don’t believe me.

*Yes, I know, adults play too. 

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