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Are you aware of the Coalition for Better Ads?

Posted by: David Clare on 21 April 2017

Online ads can be really annoying. They pop-up, they flash, they play a video with sound without your say so. It’s just not cricket.

The thing is… these are bad ads, from bad marketers. And the good marketing folk (oh, hi there..) are getting fed up of the reputation online ads are getting, all thanks to these annoying nuisances. Now, even businesses such as Facebook and Google are taking action.

The Coalition for Better Ads is organised by leaders in the advertising industry. Members not only include the previously mentioned Facebook and Google, but also News Corp, GroupM and the Interactive Advertising Bureau. The groups aim is to set better standards for marketers using online advertising, and to find ways to make sure the standards are adhered to.

As part of this, Google (whose revenue largely comes from advertising) are planning to block adverts that do not meet the Coalition for Better Ads’ standards in their Chrome browser (which is the most used internet browser in the world).

Now, this is fantastic news. We already meet their standards, and will always continue to meet them, as they evolve and improve. It also means that our industry will begin to see an improved reputation. As marketers begin to drop ad formats that do not meet the standards, web users will stop seeing ads as a nuisance, but instead something that is relevant and worthwhile, in return for free website access.

You can find out more about the research behind the Coalition for Better Ads here.

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