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How our agency PT sessions are helping with productivity

Posted by: Georgia Lambert on 19 May 2017

Over the course of the last year at Fox I have observed, following our lunch time work out, I have a huge increase in energy and productivity flow. It has been quite a surprise to find that, not only is it easy, it can be fun as well.

You have probably read somewhere or heard someone say that exercise is a great way to combat stress. There are numerous studies that link mood elevation and productivity to exercise and the benefits of exercise are well documented. Fox have found a way to effectively integrate a regular exercise program into the work environment and combat stress.

Well-managed exercise programs improve the quality of work life for employees and management alike and we should all appreciate the benefit, and privilege to have the ability to exercise at work. If you haven’t already, read our post on the importance of health initiatives in the workplace.

I also recently read how removing one particular word from your vocabulary can also help you beat stress at work. Can you guess the word? Stress.


Just saying that your stressed can set off a cascade of chemicals into the body – epinephrine and cortisol – and neurotransmitters in the brain make us feel completely stressed out.

Seth Swirky

So I wanted to share my top 3 tips for beating stress and living more positively.

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff

    I understand that this is probably easier said than done but it works; trust me. Ask yourself how much it really matters and if it’s not the end of the world then don’t stress! Try and put everything into perspective and you’ll realise that some things just aren’t worth worrying about.

  2. Get organised

    I find that most of my stress is self-inflicted. At times, I can be incredibly unorganised and leave things till the last minute. If you are unorganised, this spreads to your desk, your desktop, your home, even your handbag. One day I thought, right, I really need to sort my life out, and found that as I became more organised, I became less stressed. Tidy life equals a tidy mind.

  3. Take your time

    Time is precious and you need to slow down to enjoy it. Make time for ‘me’ time, take baths, read, and enjoy every moment (more about how to do just that here). Simply allowing yourself to take life a little slower, rather than rushing around all the time, is a great way to enjoy yourself and be less stressed.

Stress can be really damaging for our minds so let’s focus on us, focus on the now, live healthily and most importantly, live happily.


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