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Goodbye MS Paint, you will be missed

Posted by: David Clare on 24 July 2017

Microsoft Paint was the first ‘app’ (we called them programs back then) that I used on a regular basis. It was before we even had dial-up internet, so the computer, to me, only had two uses; paint and solitaire.

Paint is the ultimate creativity app. It is so terrible that it allows people to try their damned hardest and be forgiven if the result is awful. Complete lack of artistic talent was no barrier to entry. Even Da Vinci’s designs would look grotesque within Paint.

Sadly, MS Paint will be killed off, with no further updates coming to the app, and ultimately, no longer being a packaged app with Windows 10 and beyond.

When apps like Photoshop and free versions such as Gimp exist, with no significant computing power required to run them, it is no wonder why kids today don’t bother with Paint to unleash their creative genius.

While it may feel rather sad, and nostalgia could take over with declarations of a loss of creativity, there is good news. Today, children have the likes of Minecraft, Little Big Planet and Super Mario Maker to create whole worlds of their own, as easy as it was to build digital flipbooks with Paint and PowerPoint (a favourite pastime of mine when I was 9).

Times have changed, but Paint chose not too. You will be missed (just not by many).

UPDATE: Just got off the phone with Satya. He said he read our blog post and will no longer be killing off Paint. Huzzah! 

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