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Tips for live sharing trade events

Posted by: David Clare on 10 August 2017

Today is the Festival of Quilts. If you haven’t made it and haven’t been following #FOQ2017 on Twitter, then you’ll have missed out on our expert live coverage for our client Brother Sewing UK.

We live share events for nearly all of our clients. It is a great strategy for reaching their audiences. Think of it – a live event has all the right people gathered into one room. It is no wonder so money is spent on event sponsorship.

But no event can claim to have every single person of interest attending the event. Rooms have limited space. There is often a cost barrier. And sometimes people simply cannot make it due to other commitments. But there is a free and unlimited way to follow an event; online.

Most events will now have a hashtag for their Twitter backchannel. This may also be used on Instagram. And anyone who writes a live blog, shares high-quality photos or interesting quotes from the event, is likely to see a huge boost in audience reach, through those taking in the event from outside its four walls.

Here are our top tips for reaching the biggest audience possible, when live sharing events.

1. Tell people you’re attending, before the event

While you will be reaching those at the event through social media, you should also be trying to reach those who could not attend. Tell your followers, and people you find saying they can’t attend, that you will be there, live sharing and that they should tune in to see all the day’s highlights.

2. Share the WiFi password

If you attend an event without WiFi, complain to the organisers. And those with WiFi, make sure you get there early, find out the password, and then tweet it out. Not only will you receive one million retweets (or thereabouts) you will set yourself up for the rest of the day as a useful person to follow.

3. Share quickly, be first

This is especially important for events with keynote talks. Before a talk begins, make sure you know the person’s Twitter handle. Then share their main quotes as quickly as possible, with their handle and event hashtag included. If you are first to share, you’ll be first to be reshared. And people prefer to reshare content that others are too.

4. Bring portable chargers

You could follow all of these tips and be the most engaged with live sharer at the event, all until 11 am when your laptop, tablet and phone all run out of battery. You may have your charger, but if you believe you’ll be able to find a socket and keep up the same level of sharing, then you haven’t been to an event before. Bring portable chargers to keep batteries at 100%, as you move about the hall.

5. Enjoy yourself

Live sharing events takes a great deal of energy. If you enjoy yourself and find interest in the event topic, then you will find the motivation to keep going. If you don’t enjoy yourself, then your content will quickly suffer. Think carefully about who to send to the event – it isn’t just about experience, passion matters too.

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