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UKIP could be facing a copyright battle after launching their rebrand

Posted by: Helen Southern on 16 October 2017

At their recent annual party conference in Torquay, the UK Independence Party unveiled their new branding. The strategy behind the rebrand was to modernise the party as the UK enters a post-Brexit age, and the party tries to move forward following Nigel Farage’s departure.

UKIP Rebrand

Steve Crowther, UKIP’s interim leader, commented: “Now we face a new challenge to prove that we have a future post-Brexit and post-Farage. If we can’t create a dynamic and attractive political party without him at the helm we don’t deserve to call ourselves a political party.”

The new logo features a large lion head with a detailed striped mane, along with the slogan – “For the nation”. It replaces the bright purple and yellow pound sign that has become synonymous with the party. Upon it’s unveiling, however, the marque drew comparisons to another well-known logo – the Premier League. Twitter was immediately flooded with jokes and comments on the similarity of the two, including Gary Lineker who ironically tweeted:

The Premier League did their minimal re-brand only last year, designed by London and San Francisco-based agency DesignStudio. It was a simplified offering of a lion – the global understood symbol for the Premier League – with the mane forming a crown at the top of the head. In comparison however, the UKIP version is much more detailed, with the stripes in the mane referencing the British flag, and the face showing open eyes and a mouth showing teeth.

Matt Baxter, co-founder and creative director at Baxter and Bailey, commented: “Unlike the Premier League lion, which in its well-crafted simplicity manages to look brave, positive and strong, the UKIP big cat is slack-jawed, sad-eyed and vacant, which says it all.”

Premier League Brand

A spokesperson for the Premier League told the Guardian that its internal legal team was aware of the issue and was looking into any potential breach of copyright. UKIP’s chairman, Paul Oakden, said the party was “not concerned”.

Certainly, the UKIP rebranding is a lesson in being aware of what else is out there, otherwise, you could very well end up in a legal battle.

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