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Here’s a question: Do you like tea?

Posted by: Rosie Cordingley on 27 October 2017

Me neither.

At Fox Towers the humble cup of tea is dying a death. The classic builder’s brew is no longer the drink of choice. There’s still a few diehard fans (we’re looking at you, Al), but boy have we branched out recently.

There’s Rob who puts two fingers up to tradition – the proud owner of over 15 types of (mostly unconventional and mostly unheard of) tea. Fudge melt tea? Are you having a laugh?!

I’m happy with a glass of water, Hatty won’t drink anything but Coke Zero. And I’m sure we caught Helen looking at the ‘alternative’ milks in Sainsbury’s.

There are the (unnamed) few who tag onto any tea round going – they’ll drink whatever comes their way (because you can’t be fussy when someone else has made it for you).

Or can you?

Al Fox Tea

Al Fox… is he the last man standing? Maintaining his high standards in this age of uncertainty, sticking to what he knows. His recipe for the right brew has passed from Fox to Fox for over one generation. A strong tea, not much milk, and a dash of cold (filtered) water so it’s immediately drinkable.

But don’t bother doing it unless you’ve got the right mug. He likes the thin china, which is hard to come by here. There’s just one receptacle in the Fox kitchen that fits Al’s requirements – thanks to the VCG Promorisk People. I’m not sure we know who you are, or where your mug came from, but we are eternally grateful.

Fruit teas, chai teas, Coca-Cola, H₂O, soya milk, oat milk, no milk… WHAT HAVE WE BECOME?!? The tea round’s worse than it’s ever been and we don’t know who to blame.

Send help.

We do more than just make tea, honest.

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