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Colour makes a difference: a lesson from McDonald’s

Posted by: Rosie Cordingley on 6 November 2017

Imagine, for a minute, if the McDonald’s logo we know and love was not the vibrant red with its golden arches, but instead a fresh-faced green with a steely grey M. It just wouldn’t entice you quite so much, would it?

Well, there’s a reason for that. That vibrant red is associated with urgency. When you see it, you know you need that chicken legend, fries and coke faster than you can say ‘McFlurry’. Those golden arches are also associated with happiness and optimism, meaning they’re much more effective for making sure people are ‘lovin’it’ than my hypothetical steely grey M.

It’s funny to think that someone might not even look at your brand simply because the colours don’t speak to them. But it’s true.

And don’t think that just because you’re B2B this doesn’t apply to you. Your audience are still people, and they still want to work with exciting brands. Don’t forget that. Here is a list of colours and what they can represent:

Red: Urgent, bold and exciting
Orange: Happy, friendly and confident
Yellow: Optimistic, warm and cheerful
Green: Peaceful, healthy and environmentally-friendly
Blue: Trusted, established and dependable
Purple: Creative, imaginative and innovative
Black/white/grey: Balance, authority, neutral

At Fox, we’ve got years of experience helping to set up successful new brands, or revising existing brand looks to make them more appealing to your target audience. Take a look at some of the brands we’ve helped here, and if you like what you see – get in touch.

Coincidentally, The Founder is available to watch on Amazon Prime. It dramatises the founding of McDonald’s, those famous golden arches and the family-friendly name. Tom

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