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Five examples of card design enhancing website usability

Posted by: Robert Marshall on 21 November 2017

Using the card style design for websites has only been going from strength to strength, and understandably so. Google has been a strong advocate for the modular design, and developers like me love it because it’s so nice to work with – being a responsive design.

The card design is by far one of the easiest and effective ways of allowing a variety of content to be shown on many devices.

It features just a short snippet of information, and the addition of an image helps readers understand the content before making the jump into reading it.

I have pulled together five of my most favourite card elements below to show how they can be used.

True Paradise on Earth

True Paradise on Eath Card
This is a brilliant example of a basic, yet sleek, card. The hover effect is an excellent way of providing extra content if the user wants it.

Product Card

Product Card Design

This product card is very minimal and shows the user exactly what they need to see, reducing the number of steps required to see vital information.

Twitter Profile Concept

Twitter Profile Concept Website Card

This Twitter profile concept card featuring Emma Watson is a great way of showing how a Twitter account could be advertised.

News Cards

News Card Design Wed Dev

These cards have no exciting hover effects, but they do the job they need to perfectly and quickly. There is something to be said for simple elegance.

Shopping Card Slider


Shopping Card Slider Web Card

This would work perfectly with a mobile app. A beautiful slider encased in a card.

I really think that, moving forward, the card design will only get even more efficient and interesting. Especially if you think about the rate in which new web frameworks and concepts are being created.

Let us know if you have any examples that you think deserve a place on our list in the comments below.

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