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Five tips and tricks for B2B copywriting

Posted by: Rosie Cordingley on 2 January 2018

1. Be more efficient (and get more done)

Quite a lot of B2B is about increasing efficiency, increasing productivity, increasing profitability and increasing confidence. Framing these benefits and making them feel like claims that actually carry a bit of weight is definitely one of the challenges in B2B copywriting. And the best way to do it is to break things down and make the benefits relatable. Instead of ‘increase efficiency’, why not just head straight to the point with ‘get more done’?

2. Be a human (a really, really, knowledgeable one)

This one is super-important. In the past, we’ve highlighted the need for B2B marketers to avoid buzzword bingo (see our B2B Marketing Challenges Report 2016). We know B2B copy can often be quite technical, but it’s so important to balance ‘geek speak’ with a good old slice of down-to-earth(ness). The people you’re talking to might be at work, but they are most definitely still people. And if they’re bored by your ultra-technical, textbook B2B copy, they’re not going to pick up the phone. End of.

3. Don’t Let Capital Letters Ruin Your Brochure (please)

This is a personal bugbear. Brochures are pretty important for any business, helping to bring in new clients and customers. The aim of a brochure is to be as readable as possible, so not overdoing the capital letters by capitalising every single word in every single heading is a must for me. Sentence structure, please.

Five tips and tricks for B2B copywriting 02

4. One size doesn’t quite fit all (even if you’re a good tailor)

B2B campaigns tend to have quite specific target audiences. You should try to base your copywriting based around one (pretty flexible) key concept – make it really clear who you’re talking to at all times. Focus on the universal benefits of your product/service, if you can find a few advantages that apply to all of your audiences then really beat the drum about them. If you understand your target market, then you’re onto a winner.

5. Meet the em dash – punctuation’s dirty little secret

Sometimes you need to add a bit on to your sentence, just to really get the point across. You don’t think it looks right with a comma because that messes up the flow of what you were saying. And you don’t really want to split the whole thing into two sentences. The answer? The humble em dash (–).

PLEASE NOTE: The em dash is NOT – I repeat – NOT a hyphen (-). And it never will be.

Over to you…

B2B marketing and PR copywriting is a challenge you should relish. With a few tips and tricks up your sleeve (and with a little bit of practice), you’ll soon be an expert in client-winning copy.

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