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A top 10 countdown of Fox Agency’s most popular blogs in 2017

Posted by: Thomas Harrison-Lord on 4 January 2018

A new year has begun, and with it comes a flood of 2017 “best-of” related articles, social posts and press releases. Without wanting to miss out, much like 2016, here are our most-read blog posts of 2017, in the style of a Top 10 countdown.

10. The seven worst car names of all time, a lesson in branding

Seven Worst Car Names

In at number 10 is our blog about branding, and more specifically, automotive branding. A name has such an important role in launching a new business, or product. We should know, having launched TruNarrative recently. Here, for a bit of fun, we dissect the worst car names of all time. There are some real humdingers in the list.

9. Huzzah! We’re a Top 5 Fastest Growing Agency

Fox Agency Named A Top 5 Fastest Growing Agency by B2B Marketing

We made it into the top five fastest growing marketing agencies within the UK, according to, and we celebrated this with a blog post back in January 2017. A sign of things to come for our now-not-so-little agency.

8. Stay creative by doing something completely different

Creative Wardrobes

Time for something different. So much of marketing is about being creative, and our Neil found building items for a new home reignited his passion for daily design work at Fox. An essential read, even if it is about wardrobes.

7. Fonts: The good, the bad and the ugly


A collaborative piece, our talented design team put together their most loved and most hated fonts. This made us all realise just how much time and dedication goes into choosing a font that stands out, represents a brand and doesn’t look like Arial.

6. Is it time to throw away the hamburger?

Hamburger Menu

Rob, from our website development team, looks into the ubiquitous hamburger menu design. Time to scrap that idea, or double-down on hamburgers? The results of his musings are very interesting indeed, especially to those currently thinking about a website refresh.

5. Fox Agency wins at The Drum Content Awards for Best B2B Content Strategy

Fox Agency Wins Best B2B Marketing Award

Look at us, blowing our own trumpet again, sorry! But, our fifth most-read blog post in 2017 was our victory at the 2016 The Drum Content Awards. Our social media for Pagid won this national marketing award, and it looks like people were interested to find out more.

4. Unstructured thoughts about the agency creative process


Talking about the creative process and a dig at Spurs, it can only be a blog by our Nelson. We don’t just mean a studio brief, but the entire idea development to actualisation process could do with a rethink.

3. Content Atomisation: what it is and why it matters

Content Atomisation 2540

A high flyer in the charts this year, after a surge in popularity, this blog post explains how you can take one item of content, and then break it down over time to gain traction and enhanced return on investment. It also includes a life-saving diagram, and who doesn’t want one of those?

2. Fox Reports: Visiting the B2B Marketing Expo, 2017

B2B Marketing Expo 2017

There is no more relevant event for Fox Agency as a B2B marketing agency than the yearly B2B Marketing Expo in London. So we visited, listened to lots of talks and spoke to lots of stall vendors. Then we blogged about our experiences. Even now, over six months later, this blog will still show what the future holds for B2B marketing.

1. The rise of social media influencers in the car industry

Social Media Automotive Influencers

Up four places from our 2016 chart, to number one in 2017, our blog post looking into how the automotive industry needs to accept online influences as a viable PR and marketing strategy remains popular. As time goes on, this article is now more relevant than ever. While the B2C car makers seem to have caught on, many B2B automotive aftermarket brands are still yet to explore this relatively new phenomenon.

So, there we are, our most popular blogs in 2017. Thankfully, one of them wasn’t our most popular blogs in 2016 article. In 2018, we are stepping up our blogging activity even further, thanks in part to some new recruits, so not only will the Fox Agency blog benefit, but our existing and potential clients will do too.

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