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The journey of a job at Fox Agency

Posted by: Nelson McConnell on 29 January 2018

Structure and method are key components to the success of every marketing agency. Here at Fox, it’s a 10 step process from initial enquiry to production and print – we thought we’d share it on our blog to give you an idea of the day-to-day happenings at Fox Towers.

1. Before we do anything, we sit and think about it…

– Report back and chat to a manager
– What is the client really asking for?
– What do they REALLY need?
– What else could we do?
– Who needs to get involved?

2. Then have a meeting about it (internal planning)

– Get together with the key people
– What is it?
– How big is it?
– Who’s responsible for what?
– Start planning for production, print, photography, film, media, etc.

3. Spell it out in black and white, so we’re all crystal clear from the start (project scoping document)

– What we’ve agreed to do
– Why we’re doing it
– What we’ll be delivering
– When we’ll be delivering
– How much it will cost
– Send it to the client (and wait for approval)

4. Get a purchase order (costing and quoting)

– Specific costs for defined deliverables
– Agreed by the client before we start work…

5. Book it in, or face the wrath of Paul (the creative schedule)

– Use the online booking process
– Timings based on agreed ‘costed’ time
– Plan ahead for each stage of the process – creative, design, artwork, amends
– Change/amend timings as the project evolves

6. Inspire the creative process (the brief)

– Always a written brief – either Creative brief, Development brief or Artwork brief
– Always delivered face-to-face
– Answer ALL the questions…

7. Explore some big ideas (initial creative concepts)

– Excite the team with a vision
– Review, choose, develop
– Does it meet the brief?
– Is it great?

8. We don’t just send it, we sell it! (the client presentation)

– Face-to-face presentation wherever possible
– Own it, explain it, enthuse about it…

9. Take it to the next stage (creative development)

– Only when we have buy-in
– Consider, challenge and agree on client feedback
– Reference the initial creative work

10. The boring bit. The Artwork stage (find the mistakes – there’s always something)

– When (and only when) the client has signed off the complete design
– Check the concept, format, copy and imagery
– Artworker – check it
– Account handler – check it
– Production manager – check it
– Send it to the client for approval
– Then (and only then) do we press the button for production/print

And that’s it, our (not-so) secret formula; the masterplan behind our most successful campaigns. It’s served us well so far, so we’ll be following it for the foreseeable future…

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