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A highlight reel of 2021

Welcome to the ClientSide Review, packed full of insights from six thought leaders who featured on our podcast in 2021. Read to understand where the future of B2B tech is headed for 2022.


ClientSide featured fourteen guests in the latter half of 2021, all with a wealth of experience and industry knowledge. We have put together a handy review, full of the best nuggets of information and advice from six of our guests. 

Want to understand the emerging tech trends for 2022? Download our review, and learn from some of the world’s leading names in tech.  

ClientSide’s insights for 2022 cover:

  • Rebranding for a new era. Case study: Blackberry
  • Digitising the travel and hospitality industries
  • Incorporating digital ecosystems structures to gain commercial value
  • Company growth, marketing in a high tech, high growth sphere
  • The growing importance of business cybersecurity
  • Lessons from Google in B2B marketing

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