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Fox does festive: three years of seasonal creative for BOBST

It’s that time again. Take a reindeer ride round our season’s greetings work for BOBST, now into its third year and delivering the holiday goods once again.

‘Tis the season to be… creative

The biggest challenge in delivering great seasonal creative?

It’s the season.

It might well be the most wonderful time of the year. But it’s also the time of the year when our inboxes and mantlepieces are overflowing with cards, greetings and messages of all kinds. Everyone from friends and family, to colleagues and suppliers, are competing in some way for a little bit of our attention (as well as sending us their fondest wishes, obviously). As if that wasn’t enough, it’s also a time when we need to reach out to each other while being acutely aware of our diverse cultural differences.

So, creating a seasonal greetings message that’s original, fresh, culturally sensitive, and cuts through the festive noise, is no easy trick to pull off.

For BOBST, the world’s premier packaging machinery supplier, their annual greeting is unsurprisingly a very big deal.

BOBST seek to warm the hearts of their entire business community, not to mention their global workforce, with a simple message that brings festive cheer without being cheesy or glib. It’s a vital opportunity for BOBST to communicate their values globally, and bring some personality to their brand.

For three consecutive years, BOBST have entrusted this critical task to Fox Agency. The concept for each message, video, card and supporting communications is personally chosen and approved by the company’s Group CEO, Jean-Pascal Bobst.

How we approach the brief

Each year, it all begins with overarching ideas and visual concepts. We then move on to full creative development, including scripting, storyboarding and production of a keynote video.

Simultaneously, we put the wheels in motion with the design, artwork and production coordination of a physical card that’s sent to 2,400 customers and partners worldwide; while the email animation has a reach of more than 85,000 people from the internal and external BOBST network.

Even then, our job isn’t complete – our work encompasses localised supporting content, social edits, web landing pages, emails and more.

All of this work embodies BOBST’s overarching message:

‘Let everything you do, be done with love’.

What we’ve delivered

Our seasonal work for BOBST began in 2019/20. We designed a set of beautifully crafted gingerbread people with a ‘lost and found’ narrative to warm even the coldest of festive hearts.

The following year, 2020/21, was a message delivered against the turbulent backdrop of a global pandemic. In trying times, Fox created a scene recognisable to communities right across the globe, with people reaching out to celebrate the season in spite of feeling separated and apart from each other. Fox delivered video personalisation for every recipient, as well as supporting social activity.

This year

In 2021/22, we’ve taken a similarly heartwarming message, but employed a distinctive and affecting visual treatment in our animation that manages to create bags of warmth with just two colours. Our creative accompanies BOBST’s campaign to raise charitable donations for the people of Lebanon, still suffering the aftermath of the explosion that devastated Beirut Harbour in 2020.

As with previous years, we’ve also delivered a physical card that neatly echoes the video’s style and message.

Like perspiring, ruddy-cheeked elves who put in some serious hard yards at the same time each year, we’re extremely proud of the seasonal creative we deliver for BOBST. We’re hugely appreciative of the contributions of everyone involved. This includes our animation partners, Mighty Giant, and our printers Sonderegger, without whom we wouldn’t be able to produce such an impactful result, year on year.

And finally, we’re thankful to our amazing client – for trusting us, and affording us the creative freedom and belief in our ideas to produce work that we think speaks as highly of us as it does of them.