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Time for a change?

Hannah, our Junior Producer talks about her career journey from science to production.

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Meet Hannah

Hannah is a Junior Producer here at Fox Agency, this involves coordinating and delivering podcasts for a number of different clients. She also uses her knowledge of marketing and product management to bring briefs to life for our global B2B tech brands. Prior to her career in production, she worked more broadly in marketing for a law firm, having previously obtained a degree in Biomedical Science.

When applying to study your degree could you see yourself pursuing a future in science?

I have always been a mix between a creative and an analyst, so I started narrowing down my choices at a young age to decide on a university course. I narrowed it down to a science degree before really knowing what I wanted to go into. My parents encouraged a more scientific path rather than creative, not considering whether I would actually enjoy the job at the end. Obviously, enjoying my job was hugely important to me. I enjoyed my degree to begin with, however it became apparent quite quickly that I couldn’t see myself pursuing sciences long-term.

What prompted the initial shift from science?  

The shift started before I had even finished my degree. Initially it was because I realised that in order to pursue a career in science I would have to stay in education and complete a PHD. I wasn’t 100% sure that was something that I wanted, as a PHD becomes even more technical and I was determined to keep my creative side alive.

After university how did you go about launching your career in the marketing industry?

I finished my degree and then looked to see where my transferable skills could take me. I started temping and worked as a receptionist, then briefly in finance, all just to increase my experience before really pushing for a career in marketing. I primarily got into temping because I was stuck in a vicious cycle in which employers would see my science degree and lack of industry experience, and immediately rule me out as a serious candidate for a marketing career. So, I started temping as a way to gain industry experience and break that cycle.

How did you go about moving from marketing at a law firm to producing?

I was transferring from one law firm to another, with a new emphasis on events and PR. However that opportunity fell through, leaving me to really think about what I wanted to do and be selective in my choices. I was approached by a recruitment agency and thought podcast production was a niche I could really tap into. Now, here I am.

Do you think your background in law supports you in your role now ?

My former clients and case studies involved a lot of video and audio production, so I definitely feel supported by my previous experience in that respect. I also love that I’m being exposed to tonnes of new producing and marketing experience, surrounded by a brilliant team of super talented people.

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