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Chris Peat talks digital and cross cultural marketing with ClientSide

Chris Peat

In this episode, we speak to Chris Peat, Global Head of Digital Marketing at BearingPoint. He discusses global marketing, working with agencies, and BearingPoint’s response to the pandemic.

In his current role at BearingPoint, Chris is responsible for helping companies make the most out of digital marketing platforms. He regularly coaches teams, develops strategies, and gives data insights.

Listen to Chris Peat on ClientSide.

Chris Peat

Cross-cultural marketing

In other markets it’s been interesting, because you’ve got to be incredibly detail-orientated

As Global Head of Digital Marketing, Chris frequently works with international agencies, noting the cultural issues that can arise. “In other markets it’s been interesting because you’ve got to be incredibly detail-orientated. They want to know everything before you can start to talk about price. There’s no big picture without the small detail.” 
What lessons has Chris learnt from working with global companies? “Probably the biggest lesson I ever learned was clear communication. You can’t say because you had one experience with one, it translates to all of them, but at least you get a feel for it.” Chris emphasises that clear and transparent communication is the best way to strengthen a cross-cultural client-agency relationship

Managing the impact of Covid-19

Almost overnight, everybody realised this is going to change things

BearingPoint has had to adapt its marketing strategies due to Covid-19. “Almost overnight, everybody realised this is going to change things, at least in the short term. It was the moment where digital marketing really became an important thing of what we do. So, we really started to look and say, ‘Okay, what do we need to do to shift?’”  
Chris discusses the challenges which are likely to appear as the pandemic continues. “I think probably one of the biggest challenges from a marketing communication side is how do we move forward. Nobody’s entirely certain of how long this will go on for, and what does your next stage of this marketing response look like? I would say we’ve got open questions, not answers, but I’d say it will also continue to be interesting in the months ahead.”

Chris Peat

How to select the right agency

Sometimes you just have to trust your gut

When choosing an agency to work with, Chris has a tried and tested process to assess whether they are the right fit for the company. However, he emphasises the importance of having a good relationship with the agency. “Sometimes you just have to trust your gut. And that’s a terrible thing to say in a process, but I think it’s also true. You can do all the research that you want, but sometimes you meet the people and you think, “There’s no way I want to work with them.”

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