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Customer experiences: insights from across the MarTech world

HubSpot and Pardot events highlight the need for better customer experiences

Events galore

It’s been a busy couple of months at Fox Agency, especially when it comes to events. As we hosted our festivities, the MarTech world laid on a few of its own, including Inbound 2021 and ParDreamin’. There was a ton of great insights shared across both (we last counted 170 sessions between them). However, one common theme ran throughout: a need for improved customer relations.


In this blog we break down the insights shared by market leaders; including learnings from bad customer experiences, how privacy changes impact the industry, and ways to improve the experience a consumer has with your company.


Bad customer experiences can’t last

As 27% of customers admit to having an experience so bad that it ruined their day, there’s no wonder Dharmesh Shah feels that there is work to be done on customer relationships. The founder and CTO of HubSpot argues that customers should be the centre of focus across all company departments, with the shared goal of a customised and connected experience. He uses a personal example of Volvo’s payment service to illustrate this point, where separate and disconnected systems led to a frustrating and disappointing experience.


Changes in the way data is handled today, alongside the emerging technologies of tomorrow, make it clear that experiences like these will only lead to failure. Customers are taking back control over their own data and are only sharing it with those they deem most trustworthy and efficient.


The privacy landscape is changing

Let’s look at Google and Apple’s changes in privacy policies for cookies and email as an example; a change which places the customer at the forefront of data use transparency. Joel Odom (Product Management Director at Salesforce Pardot) takes the notion further and, rather than looking at temporary solutions, he stresses the need to embrace this development.  Achieved only by building trust with customers, respecting privacy, and recognising the need for ongoing consent; the creation of personal, relevant customer journeys is more important than ever.


Personal, not just personalised

Personalisation has long been a tool in the email marketing industry, a method from which 97% of marketers report measurable impacts. Now, efforts are shifting from personalised, to personal. Fallon Chattaway shares the necessity for true personalisation in her Pardreamin’ webinar.


Fallon notes that personal content is what potential customers are searching for. It’s the kind of content that shows a company understands their audience and wants to address their individual needs. As a starting point, leveraging relationships between your marketing and sales team will share a wider understanding of your customers.


Alternatively, go direct to the consumer. Use forms to ask meaningful questions, then use the answers to shape new content. But, as Dharmesh warns, don’t fall for the underpants gnomes effect of collecting data for the sake of it. All data should be utilised to improve the customer experience. Put it this way, if your customers took the time to write it, you should be using it.


Good Intentions

After collecting data, comes planning and delivering that personalised customer journey. This is much easier said than done. So, Clare Kelly (Salesforce CSG Manager) suggests a different approach: good intentions. Focus on the desired feelings for each journey or goal. How will this product or service benefit the person purchasing it? What is the best possible outcome?  Can we leave this person feeling more positive? These questions will produce practical and positive intentions to help guide every customer journey. Record them internally and within emails, nurture programs, code, campaigns, and anywhere else that would serve as a good reference point.


Delivering a great experience for your audience is more important than ever, but with a rapidly changing data landscape, relying on outdated systems is a recipe for disaster. To learn more about how Fox Agency can help you deliver great customer experiences, get in touch today.