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The April antics in Fox Agency culture

Because it's not all tech talk


We know what that’s like. It’s Friday, it’s nearing 4pm. You’re getting snacky and possibly ready for a glass of something. Though the weekend may be tantalisingly close, the Friday slump is descending rapidly, and you need something to bring you back from the brink.

Enter, your welcome distraction. The Fox Agency Friday email comprises of fun articles, team shout outs and yes, even a cheeky cat video or two. It’s just a little something we do to signal the close of the week and boost moral through the final hour of Friday.

Take a look at the best April had to offer and keep an eye out for the next edition of email amusement. Stick Teams on mute and indulge in a little Fox Agency culture.

A blast from the past…

Looking back over April, a lot happened in the world. We had Easter and the associated bank holidays, as well as loads of other interesting semi work-related things going on in the month of fools.

For example, companies/brands with a purpose are the ones that are shining through at the moment, and one that stood out recently is Steel Warriors. They took confiscated knives and turned the steel into outdoor gyms. The video is pretty powerful and shows the men and women in communities where knife crime is high using the gyms to move away from knife culture. My God some of them can do some ridiculous stunts! Do not try this at home, and definitely do not try this in the office.

April was also a month of hope, as we began the journey back to ‘normal life’. But being cautious is still key, so here is a video of all the things you can do to stay safe from the guys who bought you Dumb Ways to Die. And if you haven’t already checked out that game, we suggest you do so now. It is possibly one of the most frustrating games ever, made only more frustrating by the fact that you cannot stop playing until you win!

And let’s not forget that the pubs reopened! Raise your hand if you’ve been there and done that yet. Tesco ran a print ad in April, saying that they were using their ad space to ask people to support their local pub and we loved this. Local pubs definitely don’t have the money to plug themselves at the moment, so every little helps right? 😉 But it’s not gone down well with everyone. There were those on LinkedIn calling it shallow and conceited. But what do you think? (We ran a Fox Agency poll and the general consensus was that it was a hit with us).

Something you can’t have missed in April was the whole Colin, Cuthbert debacle between M&S and Aldi. It’s fair to say that whatever was going on in the courtroom, Aldi were winning in terms of the online/PR war. Here are just a few of their Tweets, and a classic example of how M&S got the response so wrong. If you’re going to take on someone like Aldi… you need to make sure you get it right.

Sometimes a month can seem like a long time, especially if things aren’t quite going to plan. Have you ever had one of those days/weeks/months where you feel like you’re constantly screwing up and things just don’t seem to want to go your way? Well, so did this little guy… BUT he kept going, and just LOOK at that smile in the end. Tell us that doesn’t make you all warm inside?

And finally, a company who continually get it right when it comes to advertising, IKEA. Our Swedish friends have only gone and built a climbing wall… under the guise of a room, using their trademark room mock-ups, inspiring joy and fun in passers-by. How cool? Probably wouldn’t recommend this poor lady to try it however… seems like she had a few issues staying upright just showing someone round a regular house. We can all relate.

And that’s all folks

Went a bit Loony Tunes there, so probably a good time to stop. But look out for the best bits of May’s Friday emails, coming to a blog near you soon. And if you’d like to find out more about the fun stuff Fox Agency gets up to, including our work in B2B tech, why not drop us a message?