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Christmas Carols aren’t the only holiday performance

Why marketing campaigns shine throughout December

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It’s the second week of January, the mince pies are long gone and here we are reviewing digital marketing performance across our clients’ social media channels. One thing that sticks out time after time (and again this year) is this: those who keep the festive lights on, reap the rewards.


Proper planning… pa rum pa pum pum

As we enter December, there is a familiar pattern. Certain songs sneak up on the radio (far too early), the tree goes up, and we’re asked the same question by almost every client… “Do you think we should pause, stop or reduce marketing activity over the holiday period?”. Our answer is always the same. “No!”.


It’s easy to understand why many think this is a cunning plan, and the internal benefits are certainly appealing. However, as we all know, a quiet period for sales is often the opposite in marketing (and rightly so!). Planting seeds of evergreen content is a year-round job, and when seen by the right person at the right time, can be very rewarding – no matter the season. Done right, digital marketing addresses customers’ needs and pain points, which don’t just disappear once the ‘out of office’ gets switched on.


Getting on the nice list

We know a lot about our ideal target audience (the senior decision-makers, go-getters, innovators, and change-makers) and one resounding fact is… they are all passionate. A switched-on mind has a hunger for success which does not stop at 5:30pm or start at 9am. Passionate people are always on the lookout for better solutions to their problems.


If anything, holidays are clutter-free marketing windows. The noise quietens down after the faint-hearted shut up shop, offering previously untapped opportunities for digital marketing campaigns, with an even wider audience pool. What’s more, we have the data to prove it. This reduction in competition means better marketing ROI, with lower CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Thousand), alongside an increase in CTR (Click Through Rate) and Engagement Rates.


Gift receipts

The snapshots below show real client data from two separate LinkedIn campaigns over the holiday season. The data shows that, other than a slight dip at Christmas, the campaigns kept on performing. In our experience, we would suggest that the dip is mainly because Christmas Day was on a Saturday this year. Saturdays always appear to be the quieter… so maybe some people really do switch off!




So, we’re still near the beginning of January, with a whole year of 2022 to look forward to. Now it’s time to implement our marketing plans for all activities across search, social, display, web and more.


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