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Link building bright ideas at BrightonSEO

Bagging those all-important blue underlines

It will come as no surprise that BrightonSEO took a slightly different form to usual this year. All talks, Q&As, and networking took place virtually and the buzz of the event was felt more through likes and retweets than it was felt in the air. Nevertheless, this didn’t detract from a great event, full of informative and approachable speakers.

At Fox Agency we’re big on being honest, and the honesty of SEO and Content Marketer Stacey MacNaught’s talk, entitled ‘Link Building in 2021 (When You’re a Bit Crap at PR)’, was almost palpable. Let’s be clear, Fox Agency is not crap at PR but the angle from which Stacey approaches link building is really refreshing. It’s not about shoehorning yourself into places or being the centre of attention. Stacey advocates natural link building whereby your cheerfully helpful or informative asset is just what the authority ordered, and the subsequent link is valuable for all parties including, most importantly, the user.

Link building bait

The creation of such link bait needs to undergo a process of research and optimisation to ensure that your content is the go-to source to cite. Consider keyword research and keyword intent research to make sure that your content provides the info searchers require and does so in a way that’s superior to existing content. Plus, you can even transform existing assets and content into delicious link bait by optimising the goods you have and serving them up for the world to link to and enjoy.

Making good with what you’ve got

Another great speaker, Evoluted MD Ash Young, discussed his link building ventures. And after a link building fail involving car mats and a tiny plastic car, Ash opted for a different approach to link building by using what he had to his advantage. By using his story of establishing a successful e-commerce business, Ash can share his expertise and inspire others whilst also gaining himself what he described in his own words as ‘those juicy juicy links’. Ash teased at his future link building plans and assured viewers that we would hear about them. But it has to be said, the simplicity of using your journey to further your progress is pretty damn nice. And a perfect example of SEO and PR happily skipping hand in hand and working together to make the link building world a better place.

Link building for the greater good

Because that’s ultimately what it’s all about. Gareth Simpson of Seeker Digital ran through a brief history of link building as part of his presentation, and was pretty self-deprecating about his self-serving link building tactics back in the day. He stressed how user experience should be at the heart of link building and that content is king in terms of generating links and being looked upon kindly by the eyes of the Google algorithm. Yes, backlinks boost you up the rankings but ultimately a backlink should link to a source which is helpful, useful and/or interesting. Backlinks and link building should serve to add value, not just for the linker and linkee, but for the user and for the bank of information which we call the world wide web. Wow, that got real deep, real quick.

While we take a breath, head over to BrightonSEO and grab a replay pass to catch up on the insightful talks from this brilliant event. And to learn more about the links Fox Agency could build for you and the greater good, get in touch.