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Ryan Morrison discusses the impact of Covid-19 on FinTech with ClientSide

Ryan Morrison

This blog features Ryan Morrison, Chief Operating Officer of TruNarrative, a financial crime management company. With years of experience in strategic planning and transaction enterprise sales, Ryan shares insights from his career and discusses how Covid-19 has sparked a digital transformation in market behaviour.

At TruNarrative, Ryan leads the global marketing strategy and is currently building a new global commercial division, having helped build the company from its outset.

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Ryan Morrison

TruNarrative’s mission

 The real important aspect of it is the balance there between the term safe and simple 
TruNarrative’s goal is to make commerce safer and avoid financial crime. Key to this mission, Ryan states, is the right balance. “The real important aspect of it is the balance there between the term safe and simple. There are lots of organisations out there promising to make it simple for organisations to onboard, to manage customer risk. But actually, a lot of the time, those organisations and those different suppliers don’t necessarily focus on the safe.”  
The company solves many consumer problems, on which Ryan elaborates. “Perhaps the biggest problem we solve and perhaps one of the biggest reasons why we started the business is that the marketplace is very broken up. What we do is we help that organisation move from that broken up desperate siloed process, where there’s lots of inefficiency.”

How has Covid-19 impacted fraud?

Fraud risk isn’t going away 

As is the case in almost every industry, Covid-19 has significantly impacted the financial sector, as Ryan explains. “Fraud risk isn’t going away. Fraud risk, especially what we’ve seen during Covid, is more dynamic than it’s ever been.” 
TruNarrative was able to adapt quickly to the pandemic without a great deal of disruption. However, Ryan notes that changes to customer interaction had to be made. “The principles of the sales process or the buying process is still broadly the same, but the way that you go about it and the interaction with customers is totally different.” 

Key traits of a successful salesperson

You need to build trust through the way that you speak to people 
Throughout his career, Ryan has become skilled at appointing salespeople. He emphasises that even the most unexpected candidate can make a great salesperson. “There is no doubt that you can quickly identify whether someone can become a good salesperson, or is a good salesperson, based on their behaviours.” 
He highlights the key criteria that he always looks for. “The person needs to be self-aware; they need to be self-motivated. They need to build trust through the way that they speak to people. You don’t just direct things at them.”  
Ryan’s determination, excellent industry knowledge and passion for FinTech are reflected in his successful career. Listen to Ryan’s full podcast episode on iTunesSpotifyStitcher, or on the ClientSide website.