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9 B2B lessons from Agency Dealmasters’ Nathan Anibaba

b2b lessons from nathan anibaba

Working at Fox has been a ride. Four days into my role here as Account Director, I found myself on the starting line for Fox’s annual Tough Mudder entry, running on the spot to warm up, praying I could keep up with the pack along the ten-mile obstacle course and trying not to show my fear by smiling oddly at my new colleagues. Fast forward three weeks and I’m on a plane to Germany with a camera crew filming a client’s new, top-secret product, this time smiling oddly at the crew to disguise my limited knowledge of filming.

There are plenty more situations I can recall, but these stick in my mind the most as they cement my belief in the importance of doing things that scare you – every situation is an opportunity to learn something new.

Recently, another opportunity arose. An avid listener of podcasts, I’ve been frequenting a B2B marketing show called Agency Dealmasters and the creator and host, Nathan Aninbaba, was coming into Fox to share the 9 B2B lessons he’s learnt from his many interviews with industry leaders – big-hitters like Mike Paton, author of Get a Grip and Nik Govier, founder of and CEO of Blurred. All 9 B2B lessons were just too good to keep to myself, so I thought I would share them with you all.

Lesson 1 – Have a proactive approach to sales

True, because we’re always selling in one way or another. It can be obvious, like when we pitch, or subtle, like when we defend why it’s not our turn to make the office teas. It’s all sales.

Lesson 2 – Core values should guide everything you do

Here at Fox we live by ours – positive, committed, intelligent, growth mindset and keep it real.

Lesson 3 – Build a great business, don’t build a business for sale

Building a business purely to sell it is an easy way to build a company that doesn’t offer true value.

Lesson 4 – Sales has a branding problem

There are lots of things we can blame this one on (PPI, say), but the move from pressure sales towards being a trusted adviser is the way forward.

Lesson 5 – Patience

I’m a believer in jumping on opportunities when they arise, but I also know the value in letting things mature and develop organically. When you, it or they are ready, it’ll happen.

Lesson 6 – Keep mentally and physically fit

At Fox, we have weekly PT sessions and I can say, with experience, how much it helps de-stress and centre your thoughts.

Lesson 7 – Life is meant to be an adventure

Nothing is meant to go by the book, so embrace the twists and turns. You might just end up with a better outcome than first imagined.

Lesson 8 – Embrace magic

I hear a lot that B2B marketing is all facts and figures, but that’s just not true. There’s still a person at the end of your marketing campaign, so the more you can surprise, delight and entertain, the better your message will resonate with your audience.

Lesson 9 – Just do it

As you might have already gathered, I couldn’t agree with this lesson more.


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