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A new job in the new normal at the virtual Fox Agency

I'm starting a new job from my spare room, having only met my team virtually? *Nervous laugh* Don't be ridiculous. Cut to 2020, this is the new normal, and that is exactly what happened.

new job

My first two weeks in my new job at Fox Agency

My initial thoughts on the morning of my first day were the usual new job jitters, with the addition of wondering how I was going to fit in as the newbie in a virtual world. What would they have for me to do, how was I going to learn the new ways of working, the systems, the software, the office in-jokes? Well, I needn’t have worried.
Since joining the Fox Agency team, things have been go go go. I’ve been able to dive right in with thoughts, ideas, and potential new ways of working. The team have been open, welcoming, and so helpful in getting me settled in.

Why Fox Agency?

When I started looking at the opportunities available in these challenging times, I set myself a list of the goals that I wanted to achieve. I was looking for somewhere with a close knit and inviting culture, a place with people who are driven, passionate, and hungry for success. I wanted somewhere that would bring me something new, helping to expand my experience, and develop my career. From my first meeting with Director Ben Fox, I had a feeling that Fox Agency was the place I had been looking for.
The agency boasts a variety of high-profile clients, each with their own unique goals and business needs. Although this is my first foray into the world of B2B, my background in Digital, from Search to Social, has well equipped me to assist Fox Agency’s clients in growing their portfolios in this space.

Life in the virtual office

As we are in 2020 and I am a proud resident of a Tier 3 area, I am of course working from home. But joining the team and working virtually hasn’t left me feeling remotely excluded. Pardon the pun. In the absence of an office Christmas party, we instead had a Teams meeting like no other, complete with games, quizzes, secret Santa, and specially delivered boxes of treats to enjoy throughout. It was brilliant and I was made to feel like a welcome addition to the team.

I’m obviously looking forward to the day when I can physically go into the office, drink multiple coffees, and share biscuits with my colleagues in person. Fingers crossed for the new year. But for now, life in the virtual Fox Agency office is pretty sweet.