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Arcwide: uniting business consultancy and cloud technology on a global scale with Fox Agency

BearingPoint and IFS, two industry powerhouses, are joining forces. Together, they'll provide end-to-end cloud technology and business services in the form of Arcwide. Read on to see how Fox Agency will bring the new venture to life.

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Following a three-year relationship with business service provider BearingPoint, we are pleased to establish a dynamic new brand, built in partnership with global solutions provider IFS. Here’s some insight into our plans to make Arcwide a leader in end-to-end business services.



Arcwide is paving a new experience for business partnerships. With a unique proposition that delivers a complete transformation experience, our challenge is to make the value proposition clear.

To support a strong vision and route to success, we first establish research, insight, and strategy. This will become the backbone of everything we do. Social listening, competitor analysis, persona development and more form a clear picture of who we are selling to, and how we can reach them.



Then, we lead the way with compelling PR, supported in lockstep with an engaging paid and organic social media strategy. The key here is to ensure we get coverage of this exciting new brand, a changemaker in the world of business consulting and IFS. An exciting narrative coupled with finding the right ‘spot’ will maximise influence exactly where it’s needed and drive new opportunities. In addition, Fox Agency will lead event planning, website optimisation and ongoing digital management.



All the above cannot be done without some absolutely stellar content in the form of motion, graphics, and written pieces. This is where our creatives shine, and we can establish a true identity for Arcwide. One that marries across everything we share.


Pulling it all together

This is key. Thanks to our open, honest ways of working, The Fox Agency team is full of expert collaborators. This means we can put the focus firmly on understanding clients’ needs. Then, deliver synergistic campaigns backed by our own strategy and understanding. No siloes here.



While we get to work doing all the above, take a look at the campaigns we’ve delivered for global technology changemakers in the past, on our case studies page.