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We’ve only gone and done it: you’re looking at the B2B Agency of the Year

There's no 'I' in team, but there's definitely a 'we' in winners

Raise your glass, and your other one – it’s a double whammy

Don’t you just love when you’re looking for a reason to party and then two come along at the same time…

In case you haven’t heard – during the highly-anticipated FOX X event (more on that here), we scooped up a huge win at the European Agency Awards. Namely, B2B Agency of the Year.

We are thrilled to be sitting alongside household names in the agency world – see the full list here. Some people say it’s where we’ve always deserved to be (and no, those people aren’t just our mothers).

We’d love to tell you more about the night itself. However, that’s just not possible. Mainly because the evening got blurry past 9pm (blame FOX X), but also because the European Agency Awards were held virtually this year. That’s the excuse we’re going with.

Anyways, award-winning entries don’t just happen. Although this whole two-in-one celebration situation is screaming for an ‘all in a day’s work’ line, it wasn’t. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes, let’s talk about that instead.

“We were just doing our job”

Firstly, our brilliant team do the hard part. The everyday doing. Everyone at Fox Agency contributed to an award-winning entry, they just didn’t realise it. From large-scale virtual event planning to huge go-to-market activity in amongst all the madness, we’ve had some pretty big wins for our clients this year. The old cliché is true: behind every strong team are great leaders, and to support us all, a fantastic culture that we take great pride in nurturing.

Our entry left nothing to the imagination and included everything from client victories to colleague wellbeing initiatives. Because, well, it’s all part of the reason we’re here. Not forgetting 90% growth in the last 12 months (we had to drop that in there somehow!).

Know your angles

Now that we’ve established that who’s doing the doing (which is everyone). We need to mention the fantastic PR squad, always scoping opportunities to shout about it all. They’re like our very own #1 fans. Once they found an open door, they got to work with a killer entry.

The best bit? Our PR crew are part of the furniture at Fox Agency, so authentic insight into inner workings; nooks, crannies, and all, was plentiful.

Making an inroad

Finally, we absolutely would not be writing this blog if were not for the judges, sponsors and everyone contributing to the awards. Holding a mass event virtually is no mean feat (we’ve done it), so we really appreciate the effort. Before the big, red ‘go live’ button on this virtual event was even considered, we know there was a lot of work behind the scenes, including the gruelling two-step scoring and deliberation process from industry-leading experts.

Some achieve greatness, some have greatness thrust upon them.

We wish we were the latter, but alas, you learn more with the former. As we celebrate ten years of Fox Agency, this award feels GOOD.

TLDR; It really does take a village, and we couldn’t appreciate our village anymore.

Big thanks to the entire Fox Agency team for doing the doing, the PR-leg of our team for shouting about the doing, and the European Agency Awards for giving a platform to shout about the doing.

That’s a lot of doing. And we can’t wait to do some more.