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BIG goals, the hedgehog principal and unnecessary naffness – Agency Dealmasters interviews Fox Agency

Director and Co-Founder of Fox Agency, Ben Fox, was recently invited to record a podcast for fast-growing agency media provider and publisher Agency Dealmasters.

Owned by agency sales guru, Nathan Anibaba, Agency Dealmasters brings together ‘the world’s best B2B agencies all in one place’ and features podcasts from some of the most-respected agency and sales leaders, including; global sales powerhouse Anthony Iannarino; CEO of Quiet Storm, Rania Robinson; and Nikki Gatenby, Managing Director of Propellernet and Author of Superengaged – esteemed company, indeed!

In his podcast, Ben discusses the journey Fox Agency has been on since its inception in 2011 – including what it’s like working with family members – plus how to attract and win much-coveted blue-chip, enterprise clients; how to set BIG, aspirational goals to engage your team; and why the agency world should rid itself of the everyday naffness clients are subjected to.

Hit play below to listen to Ben’s podcast with Agency Dealmasters’ Nathan Anibaba, and catch up with plenty more excellent podcasts over on the Agency Dealmasters website.

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