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Bing in B2B: why it shouldn’t be an afterthought

In the UK, Bing always plays second fiddle. Though in the world of B2B tech, it shouldn’t.

Bing in B2B

We all know that Google is a global technological giant. Let’s face it, when it comes to market share Google has well, nearly all of it – 92.72% in fact. This can often mean that we forget there are other options, such as Bing. Though it has just under 5%* of the market share, it’s actually the next largest search engine.

Let’s look at the stats for Bing in B2B

With numbers like these, you might be thinking, “well, so what? Google is massive so why not put all our eggs in that basket?”
But bear with us. Consider the following: if there are fewer people bidding in this space, the traffic will generally have a lower cost per click. Worth considering, right? Let’s also not forget that sometimes we get stuck only thinking about the market that we work in. Yes, Bing has 4.7% share in the UK, but when we look at the U.S. this jumps up to 6.6%, France is similar to the UK with 4%, and share in Japan is 4.5%.
From a B2B perspective, things get even more interesting when we look at Bing’s audience demographic breakdown. Take a look at these stats:

Looking pretty familiar right? Let’s also take into consideration that Bing is popular amongst some of the core industries as well, with 35% click share in technology, 44% in business and finance, and a whopping 47% in health.

So, what does that mean for us?

It means that from a B2B perspective, there is a high likelihood that our target audience is searching on Bing. Therefore, logically, if we don’t have a Bing strategy we’re going to miss out.
It’s hard to break the habit of forgetting Bing is there, but at Fox Agency we’re having more conversations with our clients about the importance of expanding our search activity to include Bing as best practice.

Bing gets a bad rep sometimes, but we’re about breaking the mould and delivering the best for our clients. And in this case, that includes our pal Bing. If you want to chat more about it, why not get in touch?


*Stat true of Feb 2021 UK market